The Sound of Richmond Shall Rise!

By Sherrie Moore

shutterstock_370761515And the Lord would say, I am once again releasing a sound into Richmond that will rise and will become a trumpet blast. I am releasing the singers and musicians and putting a greater grace to produce songs and hymns and spiritual songs.  I am doing this to such a degree that it will capture the attention of the city and YES, even the nation.  As I have said before, I NOW say again, Richmond will be known for its music.  It will cause the heads of many to turn and say “can anything good come out of Richmond?” But they will not be able to deny that I, the Lord, have done this.  But This is a new day and I am moving in a new way. There are those that are breaking ranks with the old and coming into the new. The songs will be songs of worship, of declaration of the Kingdom and the wooing of the harvest. There will be songs that bring deliverance to my people and songs that will bring deliverance to those that do not yet believe.

And further, as I have declared before, there will be a highway between Richmond and Nashville and that highway will release creativity in the arts, in the prophetic and in music. This highway will become a highway of holiness and the mark of those things that are released will be that that will declare my Kingdom and bring glory to MY NAME. This highway will be wide and even now I have flanked the host of heaven along this highway.  The areas in between Richmond and Nashville will experienced a heightened sense of my manifest Presence and the stuck will become unstuck.  The held back will be released and the bound will become free as the saints of God line up with me.  As you step in, my people will no longer be self-consumed, but will be consumed by the zeal of the Lord. It will break off the orphan spirit, isolation and depression. As you line up with Me and my purposes and release the creativity and the songs, not only will I bring FREEDOM to those around you, but YOU shall also be free.

This is what the Sovereign LORD has spoken.  Hear the Word of the Lord. Yield and step in!

3 thoughts on “The Sound of Richmond Shall Rise!

  1. I receive this word in Jesus Name! I leave the “how” in God’s capable hands. The road has been long, the opposition and opression great at times…. BUT GOD! Ready to RISE for God’s glory!

  2. Yes! May we experience once again the manifest Presence of God. Yes! Without taking away anything from what you have spoken Sherrie, may I say that there is another sound presently being heard in our city and has reached the ears of our Father. It is the sound of cries from our orphaned children who have been left to their own survival. May God grant the Church ears to hear their cries as well. I witnessed one such 10 yr old girl crying during worship on Sunday as she grieved yet again the murder of her aunt’s 20 yr old boyfriend the night before. The cry of the tears and blood flood the sanctuary. Who will hear?

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